The Lagoon Loop Craft Beer Trail - Perfect for an Outing with Friends!

by Amanda Lyon July 19, 2016

The Lagoon Loop Craft Beer Trail - Perfect for an Outing with Friends!

3 amazing breweries + cool walkable neighborhood = the Lagoon Loop Craft Beer Trail

SeekerSantaBarbara_LagoonLoopMap Seeker Santa Barbara - Lagoon Loo Craft Beer Trail

For those looking to spice up their weekend routine, or gather friends for a unique outing together, I’ve got the perfect activity for you (as long as you like beer).

How it works

The Lagoon Loop is the newest addition to Seeker’s lineup of all-inclusive and self-guided tour packages... basically your smartphone serves as a digital pass for enjoying craft beer throughout the Lagoon District.

You're thinking - what is the heck is the Lagoon District?  

Recently a collaboration of a few resident businesses launched an initiative and rebranding effort to promote growth and engagement in the area - thus the Lagoon District name.  You can learn about the developments in this laid-back community at  The area has definitely seen a healthy change over the last few years, with noteworthy additions like The Mill and numerous diverse eateries.  My favorite addition to the area is the new Lagoon Loop Craft Beer Trail, obviously.

Our app serves as a happy medium between a traditional guided tour and just figuring out what spots to visit on your own via Yelp, word of mouth, etc… plus all of you beer is included in the low price of $35!  We lay out where to go and what items are included; all you need is your phone.  So purchase a few Lagoon Loop packages today, see what friends are available for a kickass outing, and send them access to the package via email.  I promise you will love it.


Time to hit the trail

Now you’ve trusted me and rounded up some friends for a special outing - the pressure to impress in on!  Here is my recommended order of stops.

Stop 1 - Gather the troops and meet at Third Window Brewing Company (406 E Haley St., Suite 3).  This is the newest brewery in the area, but by no means does that mean these brewers are inexperienced.  You will find complex and unique beers that you will most likely revisit later in your dreams.  This contemporary yet rustic brewery will blow you away… that is why we chose to start you off with a tasting flight here so you can sample all of their amazing beers on tap, well 5 of them at least.  Choose to enjoy your flight indoors or on one of their two patios where you can take in beautiful views of the mountains and the chic mediterranean landscape in the Mill.

SeekerSantaBarbara_LagoonLoop_ThirdWindow Seeker Santa Barbara _ Lagoon Loop Craft Beer Trail  


Stop 2 - Mosey on down two blocks to the longstanding Telegraph Brewing Company (418 N Salsipuedes St.).  This is a staple to Santa Barbara’s beer scene, and has somewhat paved the way for the surrounding breweries.  With an outstanding reputation and lineup, you can’t go wrong with your pint of choice here.  This is a casual setting and fun place for challenging friends to darts and board games. 

SeekerSantaBarbara_LagoonLoop_Telegraph Seeker Santa Barbara - Lagoon Loop Craft Beer Trail


Stop 3 - Walk one more block to finish the day at Pure Order Brewing Company (410 N Quarantina St.).  This is my favorite place to enjoy a beer outdoors (besides the beach of course).  A variety of outdoor games like cornhole, life-size Jenga, and bocce ball offer a playful experience.  It’s generally more of a party here than at the other breweries due to the large open space and frequent live music.  Enjoy a pint of your choice inside at the bar or at one of the many outdoor picnic tables while you decide what you are going to fill your collectible Pure Order growler with.  That’s right - you get to take a 64oz filled growler home with you! 

SeekerSantaBarbara_LagoonLoop_PureOrder Seeker Santa Barbara - Lagoon Loop Craft Beer Trail

*At this point it’s probably time to Uber/Lyft home.  There is no need for driving during this tour because the breweries are located within a few blocks of each other. 


How to use the app at each brewery

At each brewery, just pull out your smartphone and Seeker app, show the server what item you are there for, have them tap the redeem button, and you are golden!  They’ll hand you the selected item - no payment at the tour locations necessary, aside from tip :).  

Lagoon Loop Craft Beer Trail - Redeeming a growler


How much will this afternoon cost you?

The Lagoon Loop is only $35!  This package is an incredible value, saving you some bucks in case you want to purchase more items.

Cool factor - exclusive discounts are offered in the app… so if you liked what you tasted, or want to try something special at home, now is your chance to use your discount for additional purchases!

I know you and your buddies/coworkers/lovers/etc. will be impressed with the friendly environment that exists throughout the breweries in the Lagoon District, as well as the knowledgeable staff who will surely make your experience memorable.  This is your chance to brush up on your craft beer knowledge, so feel free to pick their brains about the beer world.

Don’t forget to sneak a peek at the brewing areas - this is what makes these places cooler than basic tap rooms - this is where the magic happens!

Lastly, the items last in your account for one year, so there is no rush to make it to each stop in a day.  Settle in if you are thoroughly enjoying yourselves at one location - that’s the point of this kind of tour.  You now have a reason to revisit the area and awesome breweries.  


Additional 2 for 1 pints at nearby breweries

One more cool thing is that there are additional rotating benefits in the package, like 2 for 1 pints at nearby breweries (not really walking distance though).  This package is jam-packed with beer and fun!


So get out there and hit the Lagoon Loop Craft Beer Trail.  If you want another perspective of the Lagoon Loop, check out the write-up from Leslie Dinaberg of Santa Barbara SEASONS.  As always, please let us know what you thought of the Lagoon Loop - we love your feedback!

Seeker Team

Amanda Lyon
Amanda Lyon


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