The Best Date EVER is... a beer tour?!

by Amanda Lyon February 10, 2017

The Best Date EVER is... a beer tour?!

See why the Lagoon Loop Craft Beer Trail = the best date ever

Seeker-ToursIf you’re searching for a fun date idea that your special someone will love (AND they enjoy beer), then look no further than Seeker's Lagoon Loop Craft Beer Trail for your next unique outing!


What makes a date on a Seeker self-guided tour special? 

First off, all of the planning is done (but there is still an element of surprise about where the tour will take you), everything is prepaid, plus you get to enjoy some of Santa Barbara’s coolest spots while drinking amazing beer (or wine).

I struggle with planning dates that my boyfriend will actually enjoy, which is why I love how easy Seeker makes it to simply go out on one of their planned courses and have a seriously fun time.  For my standout date, we enjoyed the Lagoon Loop, which took us throughout Santa Barbara’s craft breweries in the eclectic Lagoon District.  Our tour included stops at Pure Order Brewing Co., Telegraph Brewing Company, and Third Window Brewing Co.

SPOILER ALERT: in addition to included drinks at every spot, we each got to take home a filled growler... which kept the date going back at home :) and now serves as a nice reminder of our special outing. 

Seeker_Lagoon_Loop_Pure_Order_Brewery_Grolwer   Seker_Lagoon_Loop

How to choose an outing that both people will love

To reverse a bit, the Seeker date idea arose because I was stuck in the common predicament of planning an outing where both people would genuinely have a good time.  I wanted to find an afternoon activity that was a new experience for us, which is how I settled on the Lagoon Loop, Santa Barbara's one of a kind self-guided craft beer tour (only $35/person).

The setup of the tour made it easy to just go out and have a good time while relaxing with some of the best locally produced craft beer in the region.  We were directed to each walkable stop with the "Seeker Tours" app, and with a touch of a button, we were served a tasting flight, full pint, take home growler, or could take advantage of a special offer.  By jumping from spot to spot we got to keep changing the scenery, meet new people, and take part in whatever game or special activity was offered at each brewery.  Being able to see the whole brewing operation and connecting with the folks who actually made the beer created a truly unforgettable experience.

Seeker_Lagoon_Loop   Seeker_Lagoon_Loop   Seeker_Lagoon_Loop

How it works

  • Check out the lineup of Seeker tours online.  Once you purchase, you have instant access to the included items to use today, tomorrow, or any day for up to one year.
  • Open the app or webapp and log in to your account on your smartphone.
  • Begin at your chosen first tour stop.  I recommend walking or getting dropped off at the first location.  
  • Use the app to see what's included.  Redeem your beer, enjoy the lively atmosphere, then explore the quirky neighborhood as you head to the next spot.
  • See something cool along the way and wander off the tour route?  Well, that’s part of the fun!  Added bonus, if you don’t finish everything on the date, now you have a reason to go on another date!

Seeker_Lagoon_Loop   Seeker_Lagoon_Loop

Whether your special someone is your mom, sister, best friend, or colleague, this adventure will not disappoint.

Perfect for celebrating Valentine’s day, anniversaries, birthdays, or "just because."  There are plenty of other Seeker tours to choose from if you prefer wine.  So why not try something new?  Your special someone will thank you - and you’ll wish planning a date was always this easy!



Amanda Lyon
Amanda Lyon


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