UCSB GreekFest teams up with Seeker for "Funk Zone Friday" celebration & Wine Tour (April 29th, 2016)

by Amanda Lyon April 11, 2016

UCSB GreekFest teams up with Seeker for "Funk Zone Friday" celebration & Wine Tour (April 29th, 2016)

GreekFest - "Funk Zone Friday"

WHEN: April 29th, 2016 - 12:00pm - as long as you can make it out!

WHERE: the Funk Zone of course!  Booth located at Oreana Winery

Calling all Gauchos, past and present!  Get ready to celebrate with your fellow alumni in town for All Gaucho Reunion!  The whole weekend is jam-packed with special events, but come spend Friday afternoon partaking in GreekFest Funk Zone Friday.


Why should you come?

Well, you’ve heard of FOMO, right?  You definitely don’t want to miss out on a seriously fun celebration in Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone.  This area is already one of the coolest spots to hang out in, but the April 29th event is going to be especially awesome… and not just for UCSB Greek alumni; friends, family, affiliates, and complete non-affiliates are welcome to join the public party.   

Here's the Rundown:

For many UCSB alumni, the recently developed Funk Zone is an unexplored neighborhood.  The Funk Zone borders the beautiful waterfront area and State Street, and provides a mixture of tasting rooms, art galleries, and unique shops.  It’s a great alternative to downtown for drinking and dining, and offers a casual, beachy vibe.  There are so many amazing tasting rooms to choose from, but we’ve picked some of our favorites to include in our packages.  It’s like an adult Disneyland pass, you just purchase the package of your choice and then get to go play.  Use your smartphone to redeem your wine items, and navigate the area on your self-guided walking tour.  Start, stop, and pause the tour whenever you want.  Just show the server your phone at each stop, and they’ll hand you your glass, tasting, bottle, etc.  It's that simple!  Plus, by doing the Seeker tour, you’ll be on a similar track as fellow alumni, making it easy to socialize with each other.

 GetYourFunkOn     SeekerWine

What is GreekFest/Funk Zone Friday?

GreekFest is a weekend for UCSB Greek alumni to celebrate and connect with one another.  They will be taking the celebration to the Funk Zone on Friday of All Gaucho Reunion weekend.  Seeker offers a multi-winery tour for this weekend, and we’re inviting YOU to join in on the fun!  So purchase a package, and hit the wine trail with your Greek crew!

For the event, we recommend the Anacapa Wine Walk, which will get you a tasting at Area 5.1 Winery, plus a glass of wine at Santa Barbara Winery, Corks n’ Crowns, Oreana Winery, and 2 for 1 tastings at additional places and some bonus discounts like 20% off bottle purchases… all for $34.99!  The value is insane and we promise you will love your experience.  If you want to get a bigger package, try the Funk Zone Uncorked, which provides a bottle to take home or enjoy at Deep Sea tasting room on the pier, 6 glasses of wine from various tasting rooms in the Funk Zone, and tons of special offers for $49.99.  Check out the package page to see a complete list of everything included.  Don’t worry about trying to drink every item in one day (although you are a Gaucho after all), because you have a year to redeem everything.  Why not save a few items so that you have an excuse to return to the Funk Zone?



What is Seeker doing for GreekFest Funk Zone Friday?

Seeker will have a booth stationed at Oreana Winery.  We’ll be there to help answer questions, sell tour packages (you can purchase them any time online), and for the fun stuff… we’ll be giving away special items!  Make sure to say hello to us and maybe we’ll hook you up with a swag bag or wine related item.  We hope to see you there! 


Drink wine and remember the good times!  

Purchase packages HERE

Amanda Lyon
Amanda Lyon


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