A Guide to Group Outings with Seeker

by Amanda Lyon March 03, 2016

A Guide to Group Outings with Seeker

Seeking a fun wine adventure for your next group outing?  Look no further than Seeker’s Funk Zone wine packages

Seeker's all-inclusive, self-guided tour packages hit the hottest areas in town. If you have been searching for that unique, affordable, and easy to plan activity with your friends and colleagues, look no further.  Seeker is here to save you the stress and time of orchestrating plans for a day (or weekend) enjoying fine wines by the sea.  All you need to do is purchase our packages, then tell your amigos to do the same.  We show you where to go, and all of the wine is included.  No planning. Just fun.  

Once you have purchased a wine package, the included items are magically unlocked in your account.  You have been granted access to the top tasting rooms in Santa Barbara’s coolest neighborhood, the Funk Zone, plus your wines are already paid for!  Since the items last for a year in your account, your travel dates can be flexible.  Make your way into the area whenever you want, with or without your pals.

Seeker packages let you focus on the fun, not the logistics

To understand just how easy and fun these packages are, I'll tell you about my most recent group outing using Seeker wine packages.  Spoiler alert: it was the shiznick.    

First thing: email invite… easy, fast, and efficient.  I set a date and time and invited a special group of local wedding and event planners to accompany me on the tour.  I purchased Anacapa Wine Walk packages for everyone, and instead of sending the codes to my pals electronically, I opted to include the codes in a personalized envelope to hand them in person.  This can be designed by you (if you have the time and interest), or by Seeker. 

*Please note: for large groups you need to notify the tasting rooms in advance!  I’m sure they will make it work if you don’t schedule your visit, but it greatly helps them with staffing and it will make your experience there much better. 

Pick your meeting spot and get ready to have some fun

We met at Oreana Winery at 1:30pm on a wine-tastic Wednesday.  Why I love starting at Oreana:

      • There is tons of space, both indoors and outdoors
      • Cornhole and board games provided (nice to play while we wait for everyone to arrive)
      • Parking spaces on property (this is like gold)
      • Tables available for serving snacks

Since my new pals were unfamiliar with Seeker wine packages, I gave them a quick rundown of how it works.  Because they were all wedding and event planners, I wanted to explain why the wine packages are great for their clients that are looking to organize activities for their guests in Santa Barbara.  Think wedding weekend, bachelor or bachelorette party, girls’ getaway, family reunion, corporate outing, and so on… this is the way to go!    

Open the Seeker webapp and go!

Seeker Santa Barbara Wine Tour Phone App PhotoI passed out the code cards (If you purchased electronically, just give the codes you received in your email to each individual person), helped everyone get logged in, and followed the herd to the bar.  We were lucky to be served by the friendly winemaker Danny Miles, who mentioned he rarely gets a chance to wine-tend (is that a word?).  A few sampled the selection of wines to choose from, then one by one we showed Danny our phone.  He tapped the “redeem” button, and poured us our glass.  We mingled in the warm space while many inquired about renting the venue.  The planners wanted details on capacity, hookups, food services, lighting, availability, etc.  Oreana is an awesome venue to rent for a private party or dinner in the barrel room, but Danny informed us they are pretty darn booked up.  After a few wine-related trivia questions, group photos, and silly selfies, it was time to make our way to the next stop.

Head to the next winery to keep the party going

We gathered our remaining snacks and headed across the street to Santa Barbara Winery (the oldest winery in the Funk Zone, established in 1962 – this was one of our trivia questions).  Inside the busy tasting room, the helpful staff tapped the, "Redeem" buttons on our phones and served us a choice of their 2014 sauvignon blanc or 2012 syrah.  We all headed into the spacious barrel room, a beautiful space for a causal hangout or a planned event.  Our snacks were welcome inside too.  This is a working winery, so the barrel room is filled with floor to ceiling oak barrels, and the center is illuminated by enchanting string lights.  Scatted tables and chairs make it a charming place to sit and enjoy conversations over wine.  An inquisitive planner persuaded the manager, Susan, to speak to the group about the event space and logistics.  Everyone was eager to know how the space transforms for private rentals.


No matter if you're the first to go or the last man standing, everyone leaves happy

After some great conversations and fabulous wine, we decided to head to nearby Area 5.1 Winery.  A few gals had to take off, due to family and work obligations, citing that further alcohol intake would not be a wise idea.  See why this tour is easy for people with varying agendas?  The condensed group continued with the tasting tour and decided to taste the innovative blends at Area 5.1.  More questions about the rental space, more getting to know each other, and more silly selfies.  This was turning out to be a really entertaining afternoon!  I was incredibly impressed by how supportive the planners were of each other, and inspired by the nice community they have formed to foster companionship instead of competitiveness within their industry.  This was certainly not a dull or stodgy group to be around; it was a major blast!

By this time it was 4:30pm and many folks had families to get to.  I bid adieu to most of my new friends and decided to finish the afternoon next-door at Lucky Penny with the remaining group.  Although we had more wine to consume in the tour package, we had hit our limit, and needed to refuel with some delicious wood-fired pizzas.


The Milpas Pizza at Lucky Penny - chorizo, potato, and a cracked egg.

The unredeemed wine is there for our future consumption (available in our accounts for an entire year), giving us an excuse to treat ourselves to another nice afternoon in the Funk Zone.  Overall this was an amazing experience and one of the easiest outings I have even planned (I’m not a planner per se; I was just intermixed with the professionals).

So, what made this so easy?
  1. The logistics were simple.  Basically, I just said "meet here at this time" … once we were satisfied at each location, we moved on to the next spot on the tour.  We were able to walk to each location (all located on Anacapa Street), so we never had to separate or waste time traveling.
  2. No payment on site.  Yep, it felt good not having to worry about costs and who pays for what… all we needed were our smartphones.  It was an easy way to treat my new friends to the overall wine experience.  This is perfect for treating your wedding party, guests, clients, employees, date, etc., to a wine tasting excursion in the beautiful coastal and artsy area.  This is truly the coolest spot to share with out of town visitors.  Also, there isn’t an awkward encounter when deciding to pay for people or allowing them to pay for you.  All of the costs are covered, and your guests don’t have to know how much you spent on them.  
  3. The awesome crowd.  This group was so much fun to be around, and the energy was invigorating. 
Moving from spot to spot keeps it fresh and fun

In my opinion, staying at one location can get old.  By moving around, we were forced to connect with different individuals at each spot.  We didn’t become settled with the same small group, or constricted to one area.  We had new stuff to see, taste, and talk about at each location.  Plus, we got a great sample of the area’s wine culture this way.  We were able to see what various tasting rooms have to offer, as well as with their rental space (which the planners were very interested in).  This also gave people in the group a polite way to exit if they needed to go.  Added bonus: no absurd credit card bill to find upon sobering up (hopefully).  Often times wine tours can accompany a high price tag, but this tour was prepaid, and we didn’t have a need to get our wallets out, unless we wanted to take advantage of the bottle and merchandise discounts included in the package or give a tip. 

I am confident that the group left satisfied and supportive of the new way to taste wine in the Funk Zone.  Simply put, I can’t wait to do a group tour again!  This is certainly not your traditional tour; you get to start, stop, and pause at your liking.  Choose your path, and let the web-app handle everything else.  In my opinion, once you go with Seeker, you’ll never go back.




Special thanks to Sophie Spier for rounding up the group and keeping the energy level high.  

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Sophie Spier


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Amanda Lyon


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